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John Neumann

My auto-fill menu has disappeared!

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I posted this question some months ago, but I was not able to fix my problem. I thought I might try again.

I'm using FM Pro 9 for Mac for the sole purpose of using a simple template to document a massive DVD collection. I add several new titles every day and I've enjoyed how the category field knows all my categories and fills them in automatically based on a few initial keystrokes.

Now the auto-fill and the accompanying drop down menu has disappeared! All I get is the "edit..." choice, but the twenty or so categories I've created are all gone. In my list view, all the DVD categories are still there next to each title.

I've begun entering the categories again manually with the newest DVDs, but FM is not picking up on my new additions, so even a dozen DVDs all in the same categories need to have the category added manually each and every time.

How do I get this beloved auto-fill function back?

I've been given the advice to check whether I turned off indexing or unchecked auto-fill, but I'm so green with the software that I have no idea where to go to check if I accidentally did something. If you're willing to help with advice, please go step by step through the menus I'll need to visit and the fields/data I need to enter or repair.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.


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Go into Manager Databases and then click on the field that you have for categories. Then under options, go to the storage tab. The field should be set to at least Minimal indexing.

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