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Script for Range of Dates

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I´m working with a solution that works with dates, a date range for example May 1-7, May 8-14, the solution already gives me this range of dates and each day in some fields, the problem is that I don´t know how to do this range of dates for example when is May 29 - Jun 4 the whole week goes between two different months!!

my question is if somebody knows how to do this in filemaker or if there is already a funtion in filemaker that has something like nextday function and with that is easier to pull it off.

I´m working with FMP 9 Advance

thanks people


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Your question is not clear: it's not clear what you have, nor what do you want to do with it.

Filemaker can easily work with a date range, if it's given by two date fields. A text field, like "May 1-7" is just a meaningless string of characters (unless you make the effort to parse it into two dates).

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I´m going to explain it better.

I need to put in some date fields a certain ranges of date, each day for field. I have a process already to do it when it´s a range inside a month, but if the range goes between two different months I don't know how to tell it to filemaker that gives me the date of tomorrow???

for example range date: may 1 - may 7

setfield: may 1 to field1

setfield: may 2 to field2

setfield: may 3 to field3

setfield: may 4 to field4

setfield: may 5 to field5

setfield: may 6 to field6

setfield: may 7 to field7

but if the range date goes like this: may 29 to 4 jun

I don't know how to establish this range of date


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I still don't understand what you're doing - and even less WHY would you need to do this. In any case, if you have a starting date, you could do:

Set Field [ field1 ; StartDate ]

Set Field [ field2 ; StartDate + 1 ]

Set Field [ field3 ; StartDate + 2 ]

Set Field [ field4 ; StartDate + 3 ]


and so on.

Of course, it would be easier to make them calculation fields and eliminate the need for a script.

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