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Create field label that disappears?

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I know this is a simple one, but I'm not quite getting it -- instead of labelling a field using text above the field box, I'd like to have the field name *in* the box, and have it disappear if there is a value entered in the field (in which case the purpose of the field won't need labelling). In the olden days we did this with a calculation field, but I know there's a simpler way now with conditional formatting.

So, have typed the label the same color as the background, and set the formatting to use a darker color if the Field IsEmpty" -- but of course, now the label becomes visible as clutter because the value entered in the field is black and the backgound color shows up against it.

What's the proper way to get this simple effect? Should I put the label behind the field box and conditionally formulate *it* to use a transparent fill only if the field is empty? Or . . . ?

Maybe I answered my own question -- will go try that now.



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See here, for example:


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