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2 databases sharing data

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I am working on 2 databases and I am trying to share the data within each of them. In the first database, it basically tracks incoming items (called an inlog). It's a very simple database as the fields are date in, date out, from, to, title, form-type, comments etc. In the second database, it will track grants. So if a grant comes in, it will be entered in the inlog database first (with the form-type of grant) and I wish to see these entries in the grant database (but not the other types of forms that were entered in the inlog database).

How is this best accomplished?

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I don't think that you should have 2 databases (which, by FM definition is two unrelated FM files).

Why not just find log items by form type = Grant?

or..if you want to get fancy, use Graham's method. Link

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I think I am attempting the "fancy" method (Graham's)... and am stuck. So in 1 database, one table will track items coming into the office (called an inlog) and one table will expand on the details of the grants (one of the items that comes in the inlog table).

So is it a related record that I need to create to get the details of the grant?

I have attached a mockup of the database design I am trying..... I studied the CHN_inventory_fej db that Fenton put up as an example, but think I am missing some concepts.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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