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splitting records


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i have a materials list database that has

date, client, quan, description, vendor, unit price

Sometime, when we have a bill, i need to split the bill for different clients...what I do now is enter date and vendor and press copy a few times and enter client, quantity, description, price, etc.

However, I was wondering there is a way to enter date, vendor and then have a button to click if I need to split bill and a new window opens with client, quantity, description, etc. and I'm able to enter all the clients there...Then when I go back to the materials layout..it shows a separate record for each entry as above...

is this possible and if so, how?


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Define a text field, OrderSplit.

Define a Self-Relationship, Split, based on this field, and be sure to have it allow creation of related records.

Make a layout with a portal based on Split, and put the fields you need in it.

Now make a script:

Set Field (OrderSplit, OrderNumber & "Split")

Go to layout (Split Layout)

Go to field (Split::Client)

Now you're all set to enter new orders in the portal!

One more thing to do: for the fields that you want to auto-enter the same info as the first order, give them auto-enter calculations like this (sample to auto-enter Vendor)...

Case(IsEmpty(OrderSplit), "", Split::Vendor)

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This topic is 7392 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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