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How to make certain portal rows stick out


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I've got a setup with the following 3 files, Companies, Contacts and Orders.

Contact records contain a Company-ID key.

Order records contain a Company-ID and Contact-ID key.

Currently I'm showing all Orders for a particular contact in a portal on a Contact-layout.

The idea is to show all Orders for the Contact's Company on a Contact-layout so that you can easily see the Orders booked on other Contacts for the same Company. The lookup is simple enough using the Contact-Company-ID and link it to the Order-Company-ID.

The question is how can I make orders where the Order-Contact-ID is equal to the current Contact-ID stick out in the portal or maybe sort so they are always on top in the portal or...

Thanks for any ideas,


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You could have a container with a colour in it in the orders file.

Highlight portal container (container (2 Repetitions)

Fill the first repetition with a colour and leave the other blank.

Then create a calculation that if the contact id is equal to the current contact show colour from repetition 1, otherwise show repetition 2

If(Contact::ContactID=Contact ID,

GetRepetition(Highlight portal container ,1),GetRepetition(Highlight portal container ,2))

Then in the portal, add this field to the portal behind all the other fields. Make sure the fields in front of the container are clear (no fill)

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Thanks Andy,

Would this work from a layout in the contact-file?

How can this be dynamic? If I were to browse through Contacts of the with the same CompanyID different Orders would need to highlight for different Contacts. A calculation would need to know the currently browsed ContactID ?!

I get the idea with the repeating field. It's the idea how to get the current ContactID in a calculation that's bugging me.

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The way we do it is to script the next, previous records as opposed to letting the user use the statusbar rolodex.

Then we can set a global field to the current contact id.

This way, every time they change the contact, the highlight changes.

Plus, because it is based on a global, different users see different highlighted records.

Could also do from a button in a portal of contact names.

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If you're browsing the Contact file, the current Contact ID is the Contact ID for whatever record you're on. Am I missing something? Andy's container field calc should work fine.

(message edited for typo)

[ March 01, 2002, 10:55 AM: Message edited by: Fitch ]

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even I missed that one.

We do all our browsing of portals from the main record for activities, contacts, quotes diary etc. So we need to have a global to hold the current contact etc, therefore, the need to eliminate the status bar.

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This topic is 7392 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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