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Value lists in portal


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Hello everybody,

I have a portal question:

I am making a database for this particular question 3 tables are important:

1. Table items : 1 item consist of different vendorjobs (relation 1-n)

2. Table vendorjobs : here we have the name of the job, start date, end date, etc

3. Table Vendor : 1 vendor can do more vendorjobs (1-n)

What I have now.

In the table items I have a portal with all the vendorjobs in it. The name of the job, the dates and the vendorname.

The vendorname is actually a value list with all the vendors in. (linked with vendors)

What I want to do is :

I want to add a field called vendor function in the table vendor.

This field also comes in the portal. in the client table.

Now instead of showing a value list with alll vendors, I first want to select a function in a function value list. If lets say I have a function 'translator'. Then when I select translator in the portal, the value list of vendors should change and give only vendors that are translatoors.

Is this possible? If yes can anybody explain a bit how this is usually done,....

Thanks anyway.

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Hi Thierry,

I see you are getting on with your files.

What you want is fairly simple to implement.

You need a global field called functions [global text].

Now, create a relationship from this field to your functions field in the vendor table.

Now you can create a value list called functions in your main database. Choose show values from field and then only related values. Choose this new relationship and select your vendor field.

So, on your layout, format your global field to a pop up list of functions.

Now set your vendors to use your the above value list.


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This topic is 7369 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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