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marking current record in portal


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There's probably an obvious and easy way to do this, but I can't find it:

I have a portal that displays a selection of records from the same file, via a self-join based on a unique number. This is in order to display groups of records that belong together.

What I want to do is to show a mark (red dot) in a portal row when the user is in the matching record.

I've got it to work, more or less, by means of a button in each portal row that triggers a series of scripts that go to the related record, update status information, and note the current portal row number.

A calculation field in the portal causes a red dot to be displayed when the current portal row number equals the current record number.

It works... in that the dot always shows up in the correct row. Unfortunately it also sometimes, erratically, shows up in another row too. I can't figure out why, nor by what system it chooses the other row. In other words: although the current record no. is, say, 5 - and the current portal row no. is also 5, sometimes the dot will appear not only in row 5 but also, say, in row 11.

There must be a better way! Also I would prefer the dot to appear without the intervention of a script, if possible. So that, as the user navigates from one record to the next, the dot moves down the portal rows.

Can anyone help?

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what you want to do is create a script that every time you navigate to a record it sets a global field to the unique record number then. Then create a calculation that will test to see if the global equals the unique number. This should always show the flag on the record you are using provided the global is set prior upon navigating to the record.

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This topic is 7785 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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