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Seeking FileMaker Developer


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A boutique cg effects studio is looking for a database developer to create a custom FileMaker asset management / project tracking system . It will be used by multiple users simultaneously over a windows-based network. Senior users will need access via FileMaker and junior users will be accessing via a web-page version. The main purpose of the system will be to track visual effects shots and visual effects elements within those shots, during their evolution throughout a project from concept, r&d thru WIP versions including supervisor and artists’ comments, + client comments and status. The system will be used to generate summary reports on status of projects, shots and elements; schedule work on components of projects; track hours spent by artists on elements; store images and quicktime movies representing work results, for review by supervisors and clients. It must be easy to use, allowing us to create new projects, new shots, and new elements within shots, quickly and simply, and to publish components of the system to web pages for use by artists. We will also need the ability to revise and add to the management system, ie. alter / add fields and field layouts, and to alter / add layouts. Qualified developers please contact [email protected] with resumes and examples of their work.

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This topic is 4393 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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