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Run script after field validation

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I have a small db where we track our inventory movement.

When our inventory team scans a serial number it will autofill the model number for them.

I am looking for a way to add a model in a separate table if that model does not already exist. I have two tables currently. First table is Inventory (our main data entry table) and the second table is Model Numbers (where we track model numbers and their matching serial numbers).

Is there a way, upon leaving the serial number field, if the model is not found to open a custom message that ask if they would like to add that model. If they choose yes, open the second layout, create the new model record, save it, then return to the original layout to continue with data entry.

This might be asking too much but would save us a lot of time.

Thanks in advance

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Is Inventory related to Models using Model ID?

Inventory::_kF_ModelID = Model::__kP_ModelID?

Therefore, if a user scans a serial number, they are finding in the Inventory table for that serial number, correct? That is, the SerialNumber field is in the Inventory table, not the Model table.

I need more info on how you are relating the tables. I don't see how an Inventory Item can exist without a ModelID. Isn't a model ID assigned to an item upon the items creation? In fact, wouldn't you create a new Inventory item, starting on the Model form?

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This topic is 4401 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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