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files copied from FMS to local machine - guest access only


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I have a separation model - UI and Data files hosted on FMS11 on windows server 2008. Clients are using FMP11 (I'm using FMP11Adv) on OSX. I have set different levels of access priveleges including [Full Access] for admin (Me). In the past if I closed the UI and Data files on FMS, removed them, copied them to a shared drive and then copied them from there to my local machine these would behave the same as the hosted version in terms of access. Today, these files copied from FMS11, either from backed-up versions or following closure and removal of the current hosted files, only open, via the UI file, on my local machine with Guest privileges. If I open the Data file this opens a login window as per normal. The hosted files also open as they should via a login window. It seems to be something about the backed-up or closed and removed files copied over to my local machine. Somethings changed to cause this but I can't think what - can anyone suggest something?

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This topic is 4627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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