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Changing Tab Color Based on Field Entry


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I am looking to see if there is a way, I am assuming using a script trigger, to have the color of a Tab change based on a radio button selection?

For example the Tabs would be "Print" , "Ad", and "Digital".

If a person selected "Print" from a radio button in a field outside the Tab area, it would make the "Print" Tab color turn Red and the text inside white.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks All!!

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It wouldn't involve a trigger, if anything it could be done with conditional formatting and container calcs fields. Tab fills are not accessible to conditional formatting, so you could add a container whose fill color changes based on the value in another field.

However, I'm not sure your data model is the best it could be. Seems like you have a parent that has a type, "Print", "Ad" or "Digital." (It would be best to have those choices in a table and simply store their keyID in your parent record. It'll allow for more accurate Finds, and easier addition of new types.)

Now, given the type, you'd like to complete a set of fields. For Print, there's one set, for "Ad" another, etc.

So, this is a subtype model. Depending on how many fields are specific to each type, they may be in a separate table from the parent.

Alternately, I've seen the use of invisible tabs. That is, when the user selects a type, a script trigger navs to a named tab panel object, and displays the corresponding fields. They don't see the three tabs at all. However, this does start putting you in a box (because if you eventually have many subtypes, you're hard-coding tab panels).



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This topic is 4374 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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