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I'm trying to think of the best way to do this and if its possible to do this through lookups....

We have a table which the user can enter the type of product they need, why they need it and when they need it (products).

But the user selects a type from a value list which loads from the table product_types. This table stores the unit cost of the item.

There is a cost field within the products table which on auto-enter looks up the cost of the item from the products_type table.

This is fine, however the way the department uses it is they enter all there requirements first (into products) before entering the price (into products_type).

Therefore I need some way of relooking up the cost from products_type and putting it into the cost field in products.

Is this what the Relookup field contents function is for? If so how would I use it in this situation as I cannot get it to work, saying 'There are no fields that look up values based on the field cost'

Thanks for any help in advanced.



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I don't understand your setup. Product Types (like a catalog) and Products (the actual inventory) I do understand. However, the user's request for a product is entered into which table? Products!? Shouldn't there be a request table, and Request Line Items (which'll have a product type?).

As for Relookup, let's say that you have an auto-entered price based on a lookup from the Products table when a ProductID in InvoiceLineItems matches a Product ID in Products. So, if I click in the match field (ProductID) and choose Relookup, it'll reset the Price in my InvLineItems table.

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Ah I understand now, I was trying to relookup from the cost fields, not the id link field.

Yes the users request is entered into products. The system is basically a procurement management system, so they but all their requests in for the items they need, the system sends out a request for price and then once quotes have been received the prices are then updated within the types table and then it goes onto PO the items.

Thanks for you help bcooney!

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This topic is 4372 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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