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Strange behavior

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I’m doing a database and I found some strange issues, I tried to found some answers in the forum and on google but without any success, so I appeal to your kindness to help me with this.

I have a database with 8 main tabs (1 real and 7 buttons), I do this because i want the other 7 tabs to work only with activate button (checkbox).

After active this button you can go to another layout (for the 7 tabs).

1. First problem: The tabs works like objects so the goto object should work with me, but only works with tab 6 the others tabs go to the main layout, strange, because I did the same things in the other tabs.

2. Second problem: I have at main layout (pc01) a main field with name and a button to go the related contact detail, with this I can add a note. This is working just fine. But at main layout (pc02) the tab notes and the button add a note, doesn’t work, I did all the same steps.

Question: What’s better to the performance of database the container should be included into or just a link to the file?

Thanks in advance, best regards :B



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This topic is 4358 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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