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Set Pop-up menu field(value list w/ second values) with script

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Hey everyone,

I feel like there should be an easy answer to this question but I have yet to find it. I want to change the value of a Pop-up menu field using a script. That is easy enough. The problem is that the pop-up menu value list contains two values with only the second showing. The first is a record id and the second is the name of that record. So, when you select the pop-up menu you get a list of names. When you select the name it actually fills in the field with record ID, but you still see the name. However, when I set the field using a script it shows the record ID instead. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried refreshing the record

I have also used two fields, where one is a dropdown list with the rec ids and the other is on top of that with the related value. That way rec id is hidden behind the related field, but this tends to get clunky when you select it and requires a relationship where you might not need it otherwise. Thanks for your help.

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To clarify: your goal is to have a pop-up field show the related value instead of the numeric ID, when you set it's value with a script?

I think your problem is either...

- the value you are setting to the pop-up field is not valid for the relationship (check leading/trailing spaces)

- you need to commit the record for the change to take effect

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This topic is 4342 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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