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looping script

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Hey Guys

Maybe I've overlooked a simple way to do this, but I'm struggling to make the script I have written work efficiently. I'll start with a short background on my application and then I'll cut to the chase.

I work for a popular cinema chain. I have developed an application for our projectionists to use to keep track of all the movie prints, schedules, auditoriums, projectors, etc., particularly in our large multiplexes. I'm pleased with how the application has turned out, however there is one function I'm trying to implement which is giving me fits. Every week new movies arrive and others are sent back to the distributor.

What I'm trying to make is a script for an "express return" feature. When the movies arrive the projectionist enters the print ID (which comes as a barcode on the shipping container) which creates a new unique record. When it comes time to return the movies, I want the projectionist to run this script and just be able to scan the barcodes in succession of one another while the computer marks them as "returned" until the user selects to stop the script, or until an error occurs. What I have tried so far is a looping script that searches for the print ID in a dialogue box, and, if found, marks the print returned, to then enter search mode again and the script just loops.

Sounds simple, but I think the looping feature is where I'm failing. When I run the script I don't get any error messages but the script isn't doing what I'm asking.

Any tips? I can upload a screen shot of my script if it helps you understand a little better of what I'm trying to achieve.

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OK. You didn't say what exactly the problem is. Perhaps you should turn error capture off and see what errors you get. Offhand, I see a few things that do not make sense, such as the Constrain Found Set[] step with no criteria. After Perform Find[], you are in Browse mode so this step does nothing - and neither does the Enter Browse Mode later on.

However, the big red light blinks over this: you do your find in the Movies table. You then go to a layout of Movie Prints to mark the print as returned. That layout is unaffected by the find you have just performed.

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This topic is 4339 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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