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Script Looping Inexplicably

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I wrote a script to create a new record in a related table and populate some of the fields. One of the fields is being populated by a variable that is saved from a global field before switching to the related table, and at the end of the script, I want to clear this global field. Here's what I have written: (starts from Teams table)

Commit Records/Requests

Set Variable [ $TeamsID; Value:Teams::TeamID ]

Set Variable [ $ProgramID; Value:Teams::gAllPrograms ]

Go to Layout [ “MembershipPivot” (MembershipPivot) ]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ MembershipPivot::TeamID; $TeamsID ]

Set Field [ MembershipPivot::ProgramID; $ProgramID ]

Go to Layout [ “Teams” (Teams) ]

Clear [ Teams::gAllPrograms ]

For some reason, the script creates the record I want, then clears the global gAllPrograms field and then tried to make another record in MembershipPivot! I can't figure out what is going on. Seems like it's looping but there are no loops in the script. Also, if I take out the last command, Clear [ Teams::gAllPrograms ], it only creates the one record I want and does not loop. Any ideas?

Ok, I forgot to mention that I was triggering the script using the DoScript plugin...and that seems to be where the problem is. If I trigger it instead from a button, it works fine. However, if I change the gAllPrograms field to an auto-fill with this calculation:

Let ( queueScript = mFMb_DoScript ( "CreateMembershipRecordFromTeams" ) ; gAllPrograms )

the script loops. Clearly I do not understand how this plugin works...any idea how to still trigger the script after gAllPrograms field selection, but avoid the looping issue?

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Clear[] is an editing step: it actually goes into the field and clears it same way a user would - and if there is a script trigger attached to the field, Clear[] will fire it.

Try using Set Field[] instead (which is always preferable anyway). BTW, global fields are accessible from anywhere, so

Set Field [ Teams::gAllPrograms ; "" ]

will work even without going to a layout of Teams.


P.S. It's been a while since I used a script triggering plugin. If the script is trigerred by auto-entered calc, it will fire when the calc is evaluated, no matter how the field was modified. You will need to adjust the calc (or the script), e.g.

Case ( not IsEmpty ( TheField ) ; <<fire script>> )

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Thanks! I tried Set Field before I posted and that seems to trigger the auto-enter calc as well. However, your fix for adjusting the calc worked great. It now reads:

Case ( not IsEmpty ( gAllPrograms ) ; Let ( queueScript = mFMb_DoScript ( "CreateMembershipRecordFromTeams" ) ; gAllPrograms))

instead of:

Let ( queueScript = mFMb_DoScript ( "CreateMembershipRecordFromTeams" ) ; gAllPrograms)

No more accidental looping!

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This topic is 4332 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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