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setting the number of significant figures

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Hi I am trying to work out how to set the number of figures displayed in a calculation. At the moment it comes out to 10 or so decimal places and in effect, I want one decimal place or zero. I have tried using the number format in field settings; however the script below is set as text because it also has a labelling function to deal with and I cannot set the decimal places on this.

The script below is displaying the result of a calculation in a different field/part of database which is displayed as a number format and this caluclation is displayed in number format so I can set this to zero decimal places. However, when I view the field it certainly looks like zero decimal places butif I click within the field , I can view the 20 decimcal places it appear to have by default. I think this is the problem in that the below script just takes the value with all the decimal places and displays that one rather than the one which is viewed without clicking on the field.

Good luck understanding this speil!

Let (

val = Cosmet2010::Margin of Safety [zz__kf__Cosmet2009RepNum];

Case (not IsEmpty (val); zz__Tab__g & "Margin of Safety Adult 60kg: " & zz__Tab__g & val)


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This topic is 4327 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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