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Need guidence with Ajax

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macbook    0

Hi Guys ,

I am New to Web developing and Working on File maker web site. I need to create and retrieve the data at same time (with conditions). I think the best idea will be integrate Ajax with PHP. But didn't found any good resource to learn how to integrate this. Can some one provide sample file ? or is there any recommended books or Video Tutorials ?

Thanks and waiting for some one's reply


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lance123    0

Hi Al,

Ajax is a great way to go, but does take a little to get your head around. Once you get it, you don't want to go back. I can recommend Jquery to make things easier. (cross browser compatible with fallbacks). I have used many other ways but this is the most common and does seem to get attention and updates regularly as a framework. Also, you can use it for many other things that you will no doubt want in the future such as manipulation of the dom. (document object model.)

here is a code snippet that covers the jquery part. also you need the php that will modify the record using your parameters fed across to it in post or get.

//start snippet


beforeSend:function() {

document.getElementById('divID<?php echo $FormNumber2;?>').innerHTML="<IMG SRC ='jqgrid37/spinner/spinner-large.gif'>";


type: "POST",

url: "edit.php",

data: myPostData,

success: function(msg){

document.getElementById('divID<?php echo $FormNumber2;?>').innerHTML="";



//end snippet

of course you need your page setup with the following link and the files in place to support jquery

<script src="js/jquery-1.5.1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

You are best to read the jquery documents on this. myPostData is a javascript variable populated with what you will hand over to your php and is picked up in:


You then just use this post param or others you send in your php edit.php

var myPostData='UniqueOrderCode='+document.formMyForm['FormNumber2'].value;

Hope this helps some.



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