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edit more than one record at a time on a list

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OK !.. I have found the solution !.. here :

I can put my record"s" in an edit form on the web so I can only edit the first record. But on the list I can see all my records and I can write in to the fields but when I click on the edit button, my inputs on my records go in to the field of the first record. That is OK . while editing I run a script in my database. That script find my records which I see on the web, put them in the same sort order with the web and than the script goes to the first record takes the data written from the web , put it into a dummy global field, and takes the words or letters one by one according to the current record number ( or current protal row )and put them in the correct record field !..

Thanks God for that solution !..

I want to edit my student marks on their section lists on the web browser , first I want to see the list and than write the new marks one by one on that list and after the last record I should be able to edit all those records by pushing on only one edit button at the and of the list. How ?. Yes I have already tried to put that list in a single edit form and write the new marks and pushed on the edit button. But the result is un believable !.. The action put all the numbers seen on the records of the list in to the mark fields of all records.

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This topic is 8447 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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