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Website from scratch...

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I have been asked to develop and implement a web site for the internet.

The site will be kept on a G4 Server and will get it's content from a

FileMaker Pro 5 database. I need to know exactly what I need in order to

do this. The G4 Server needs to be purchased and the current FileMaker 4

database needs to be upgraded.

I'm confused as to whether I only need a FM pro 5 upgrade and can run it

on the G4 Server with OS X Server or whether I need to buy FM Pro

Unlimited. And is OS X Server preferable to Appleshare IP? (What's the

difference?) Also, should I buy FM Developer if I need to customize the

pages, or is this something that can be done with only Simpletext? Also, where can I get more information about CDML?

I have been developing web pages for at least a year but always on a

Windows platform (with Oracle, SQLServer...). Though I have a Mac at home

and am familiar with Macs, I have never had to set up a mac server or develop on a Mac. Any advice/information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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I can't answer all your questions but I know you will need the unlimited version.

As far as OSx vs IP I think you'll find more support for IP right now. Try going to the apple.com sight and check out the forums to find out which platform is having more trouble.

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Hi, we have Mac boxes serving web and file in three flavours: OSX, where you are using Apache and Sendmail - powerful, but not the usual easy Mac setup, it is, in fact, a BSD unix box.

Appleshare IP - very easy to set up as a web server and you can run Filemaker on the same server or use the web server connector, but it's primarily a file server that can serve http/ftp/smtp/pop as well.

The very best Mac web solution is WebStar. It's a full-featured web/file/ftp server which can host multiple domains etc and is happy co-existing with FileMaker (or uses the WSC) It also comes in an accellerated G4 version and is cheaper than a copy of Appleshare IP! Very simple, inuitive setup. See www.starnine.com for an eval copy and mail me direct if you need any assistance with the setup.

All three of the solutions are 100% solid if set up right.

regards, Jeff

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This topic is 8409 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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