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David Nelson

who sees all records?

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Not sure how to ask. I cannot test on server. Every time in every one of my scripts, if I have performed a find and whether I have results or not, I end with show all records because I am afraid that other people when they view the table, if it is 0 found set they will freak. Or if they have a found set.

If I show all records when unserved in the data file and then will it always be that way when different people first view the records or should I handle it differently? I read somewhere found sets are user specific similar to global experience different for each user. Perspective would be appreciated.

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Okay, my question was unclear or dumb. How about if I ask a different way?

Is there anything which goes through your mind when you script and it includes a find regarding how the records should remain when the person leaves the table? If it is on a found set but particularly if no records are found. If they do not put it back to all records, does it remain 0 records when they open the file next time and view that table? Or does it automatically go back to all records on its own?

I ask because in testing, one of our managers switched to a table and it had no records displaying and he told the Owner FM deleted all the records which it had not. But it means if he was scared then others might be also. I guess I could use OnLayoutLoad to show all. I would rather not do that if all records can be assumed showing when it is served.

Any rule of thumb or things you consider when scripting whether to show all when you leave a layout or enter a layout or start FM or ? I hope I asked differently so my question is clearer. Thank you for considering my request. I suppose I could just tell the Manager to 'get over it and look at the record indicator' but I doubt that is wise. :jester:

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First of all, you should have an opening routine in your database. Make a script called "OnOpen" and put the steps in it your users will need when opening, as in directing the, to the right layout, showing them the right set of records, if there's a need for constraining.

As to a scripted find, when you have no records to be found, you should let to user know that their search didn't return anything, so perhaps they should modify the find request.

When you close a window and return to a layout, you can set with a script trigger what you want to see, as well.

Hope this helps,


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