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Find and Replace script step failure

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I apologize if i am in the wrong group for this question........

I have a script which has been running fine for years (every 15 minutes), suddenly it has quit working properly - no code changes were made. Basically the script imports a tab delimited file (each field has double quote marks around the data) into a table. Once the data is in the table a 'Replace all' is used to strip off all the double quotes from the data.

The issue now is approximately the top half of the fields in the table get the quote marks removed and in the bottom half they remain. What is interesting is this issue does not present itself when running the script using FM Pro Advanced (11v2) only when running FM pro (11v2). While the two instances of FM are running on different servers both are running Windows Server 2008R2.

I have tried re-writing the script, running multiple steps of find/replace, exporting/importing the semi-completed data and trying another find/replace on it, and various other work-arounds within FM all to no avail. I also do not see any type of special characters in the data which would cause this to occur.

Does any one have any suggestions or ideas of what might have happened to cause this to occur or how to work around it.



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