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Using port 80 with standalone SuperContainer 10.8 Mountain Lion

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I like to run SuperContainer on port 80. The Mac runs FileMaker 12 advanced and MountainLion.

I am unable to get SC serving through port 80. Starting SuperContainerServer.jar brings error message:

"Protocol handler initialization failed: java.net.BindException: Permission denied:80"

I followed the instruction in the documentation. Did this change in Mountain Lion Apache2 httpd.conf ?

Quote start:

Now, add the following two lines to the httpd.conf file after the appropriate "DocumentRoot" as shown below:

DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents"

ProxyPass "/SuperContainer" "http://localhost:802...SuperContainer"

ProxyPassReverse "/SuperContainer" "http://localhost:802...SuperContainer"

Quote end:

After changing the httpd.conf and restarting, I still get "Permission denied:80"

Any help would be great.

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