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External HL7 messaging problem

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I am trying to use Mirth as a hL7 interface for placing data in a filemaker medical database. I am using FMP 11 with mirth on the same computer. This is done via the JDBC driver. When I use the same computer, I can get the test data to enter the filemaker database. When I send an hL7 message from an outside computer, I am having difficulty getting the message into the FM database. I use "HL7 Inspector" send the test messages. Do I need to use FM Pro Server Advanced or can I just route the message to Mirth and depend on Mirth to place the message into FM locally. I am trying to avoid the expense of FM Server advanced.



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You need filemaker server advanced.

If you are using the file locally, FM will only accept ODBC and JDBC connections from that same local machine, not from anything external.

Not sure if you can Mirth as a go-between, not familiar with that.

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