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2 Scripts on 2 Servers Server side!

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Okay from the top.

My client has a WebServer (-A-) linked to a FM Dbase Server (-B-) (v8.5). A and B are standing in a less secure Zone.

My client also has a second FM Server (-P-) (v11.3) standing in a highly protected zone with so many firewalls around it that you would be pushed not to easily trip over one.

Now. I need to transfer some records from a table in an FM file on (-P-) into a similar table in an FM File on (-B-) once a night, so that they can be published on the Web. Due to internal politics I cannot access the FM Server (-P-) directly from (-A-) (nor would I really wanto).

The FM files on both Servers (-B-) and (-P-) have the same fields in the table.

Local Port Policies only allow me to unilaterally open a connection from (-P-) to (-B-) and absolutely not from (-B-) to (-P-) . (So for example from my PC in the secure (-P-) zone I can open FM Files on both FM Servers without problems on (-B-) and (-P-) . )

On (-P-) I have the table containing my data and I related it to (-B-)s table (allowing record creation and deletion on (-B-). I connected both tables with a simple index number. (-B-) s FM File is therefore an external File/Source in (-P-)s FM File.

Then I wrote a script in the File on Server (-P-) that goes through each record on Server (-P-) and sets the corresponding fields in (-B-) with simple set field commands, via the relationship.

When I run it, it works like a charm.

When I however run it SERVER SIDE on (-P-) it doesnt; it doesnt like the "Set Field" commands. I also tried an explicit "Open File" command on (-P-) to open the (-B-) file and the Server doesnt seem to like that either (gives me an error). The login credentials I run the Server side script with on (-P-) gives full access to the file on (-P-) and (-B-).

So now I need some brainfluid.

How do I get my records from (-P-) to (-B-) with a server side script at night, without using "Import Records" on Server (-B-) because that doesnt work as connections cant be opened in that direction.

Any ideas for an approach?

Jean Luc Picard would now sit in his command chair, straighten his uniform and say: "Suggestions"

Perhaps we can use the Tractor beam to alter the other ships trajectory?



ps- Im usure why moderators have moved this thread into the FM Server 8 thread as this is an FM Server 11,3 Problem (Server (-P-) is v11.3). Could this please be moved back I wonder if anyone reads these subthreads...

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