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External Authentication with a "default" UPN

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I have a working and successfully configured FileMaker Server which uses external authentication to our AD. Users can login fine but there is a bit of a functional caveat we would like to address.

In our domain we have users that actually authenticate against a kerberos realm. We can manage these users in the AD and add them to the FileMaker groups (they can login just fine!) but the users must login as <username>@LOGIN.DOMAIN.COM--it is impossible with the domain setup to allow authentication for these users with simply <username>.

I had a thought that if I changed the server computer's default login domain to LOGIN.DOMAIN.COM that these users might be able to authenticate but that is not the case. Does anybody know of a way to sort of specify a "default" UPN for the FileMaker Server or possibly know of a trick to force FileMaker Server to authenticate against LOGIN.DOMAIN.COM (without explicitly specifying it with UPN) instead of the domain controller for the domain the server resides in?

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No... the authentication is done by the AD, not by the kerberos realm so the AD domain is the default, anything else (like a trusted domain) requires either the UPN or UNC syntax.

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