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PDF plugin to import data as comments from FMP into PDF?

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I need to add sales rank data (stored in Filemaker) into a PDF catalog. I'm wondering if there's a Filemaker plugin that can handle this or if this needs to be done completely in Acrobat (or another PDF software) or in In Design where the PDF is originating.

My guess is that the sales rank data would either be a comment or possibly a hyperlinked popup.

I currently have the following data in Filemaker:

Item number, Catalog page number, Sales rank

The PDF Catalog has several items on each page with both text and images in different places on each page.

Is there a way to associate the sales rank data with the item number text on the PDF as either a comment or hyperlinked popup using a plugin?

If not is there a plugin to import the filemaker data as page comments?

Thanks a lot


**It looks like highlights with comments in them look/act the way I would like, but I still need to get them there.

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Can you explain some more in detail?

If the originating document is in InDesign why not use the XML part of ID with data you export from FM?

You can add the kind of annotation you are taking about programatically using Scriptmaster and iText but not easily if the places where you want the popup to appear are all over teh place on each page.

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Thank you, I will look into it more. Pulling the data into InDesign definitely sounds like a better solution.

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