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Blake Lucas

Combo iPad and Export of Excel Files

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Afternoon everyone,

Ok.. got a good one for you guys. My project is displayed on the iPad for my users.

The file is housed on a Mac using FM Server Advanced 8 (i know...need to upgrade)

I want to export information to an Excel file from a script on the iPad to one path, but use a variable name.

I have the script finally grabbing the data that I want, now I want to export it out to Excel.

I have a script built that is the following:

Set Variable [$filename; Value:request_db::_request.customer.info & "_" & Get (CurrentDate)]

Copy (Select; requests_db::_k_id_unique.request]

Go to Layout ["ink" (ink_db)]

Enter Find Mode []

Paste [select; ink_db::_k_id_unique.ink]

Perform Find []

Save Records as Excel [Restore; "$filename & ".xlsx""; Auto open; Records being browsed]

Show All Records

Got to Layout [original layout]

So here is the problem... the path in the Save records is my issue... if my file is hosted by Server on a Mac... how do i get it to save to a shared volume on my network?

Remember.... doing this from an iPad... so those users can want to grab the file later....

1. Is this possible?

2. If I set the criteria to attach to an email instead... is that possible from the ipad?

3. How do I properly script the path in this situation if I just save the file to a location, not emailing...

4. Is my script antiquated and full of fluff I dont need?

Ok... i think that is all...

Thanks for any and all advice.


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Sounds like a job for a server robot and web server.

- Have the user click a button when he/she is ready to export the file to excel.

- This creates a record in a new table in your database with the proper primary keys and a ready status field. The ready status field is set to "1".

- Have a server client (robot) loop search for ready status = 1 every .5 seconds.

- Once found, have the server robot run your script and export the excel file to a web server folder with a filename as the export record's primary key (1234.xls). Then mark ready status as "0".

- Once that's done, the robot can add the path to the xls file on the server to a field in a layout. If everything's local, use localhost:, if not, your ip address.

- Use webviewer or whatever to view.

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