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A pop-up list to change record?

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Hi All

I'm nearing completing my database and I had a couple of queries, though I'm not sure which sub-section is best - anyway, here goes!

We're selling cars and every car when sold needs to have a PDI (pre-delivery inspection).

There's a table for cars and a table for PDI information. Cars have a unique vehicle ID which links the two tables and I have also given the PDIs a unique ID.

We have made the layout so that our mechanics can use an iPad to fill out the form.

MY ISSUE is that they naturally want to use the "vehicle ID" drop-down I have to do a PDI on another car, but of course they're just changing that one ID and linking their info to a different car.

Is there a way that I can make it so there is ONE PDI sheet per car and have the drop-down choose between those records, or must this be done using the search feature?

Many thanks!


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well you could use a global field to allow your users to select a car and it navigate to that car. you can attach a script trigger to that field and allow it to run a find for you.

That being said, perhaps you should look into changing your navigation somewhat if they keep selecting the wrong thing. Big buttons for NEW and also maybe once a PDI is done, perhaps send them to a layout where they cant edit the fields.

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