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Change in behaviour with FM12.... anyone noticed?

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Hi there, I have noticed a change in behaviour with FM12... it is as follows.

We have a layout where there is a calculation field. This calculation field is also a button which you can click on to go to a new layout. Even though it is a button, when in find mode, you can still enter a search term into the field.

In old versions of filemaker this used to work fine, in FM12 when you enter find mode and click on the button/field to enter date to search for, it thinks you are trying to run the script to go to the new layout and obviously fails...

What is the best workaround for this?

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In the script, attached to your button, you need to insert an If statement in the top:

If ( Get ( WindowMode ) = 1 ) // 1 = find mode

GoTo Field [ FieldName ]

Exit Script

End If

GoTo Layout [ layout ]

This is not new behaviour if you have configured the field itself as a button. The button layer will sit on top of the actual field.

Another way around is to create a button and place it behind the field. Setup the field to Enter in Find mode only. Then the button will be triggered in browse mode, while the field can be active in find mode.

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