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CRFL write to file

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Hi all,

I have the same problem as a previous post in 2010 (archived since).

"I am using the WriteToFile function in ScriptMaster v3.33 with FM 10 Adv on Windows. I want to create a plain ASCII text file with CR/LF as the end of line characters.

First I put my text field into a local variable $text and replace all CR with CR/LF using:

Substitute( $text; [Char( 11); ""]; [ Char( 13); Char( 13) & Char (10)] )

Then I use WriteToFile to create the file.

I have tried several character encodings when I register the WriteToFile function (ASCII, utf-8) but they replace my CR/LF with LF. I tried to specify MS-DOS but that encoding is not supported.

Does anyone know what character encoding I can use? Or a simple trick to preserve the CR/LF?

Thanks -- Mark


It was proposed to register a new groovy function which seemed to work.

RegisterGroovy( "WriteToFileWithCarriageReturns( filePath ; textToWrite )" ; "//This simple version uses utf-8¶

//new File( filePath ).write( textToWrite );¶

//This more advanced version allows you to specify the character encoding¶

OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter( new FileOutputStream( filePath ), "utf-8" );¶

writer.write( textToWrite.replace("n", "rn") );¶


return true;" )

But I have FM12 and Windows 7 - it doesn't accept this function because of

"utf-8" and if I write \"utf-8\" it then says that there is a problem with ("n", "rn")

Can anybody help me please? Thanks


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You dont need to do that subtitute in FM

In ScriptMaster it should be

textToWrite.replace('n' , 'rn')

You are not replacing n with rn as in orange >> ornange

The "" character is required to escape the new line and carriage return characters.

You could also try 'iso-8859-1' as the encoding

In Groovy (in most cases) you can use ' instead of " as it then means it is easier when it gets into FM to debug as there are not lots of " sitting in the middle of the function

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