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Why doesn't "Go to related record" work unless I open in new window?

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I am trying to figure out the best way to navigate my user between separate databases without having to open the same databases over and over again. My users are on FMGO12 and I would like to keep the databases open (but hidden) so they do not have to keep loading each time they are accessed.

I have a database called "STAFF" and another database called "PRODUCTION". I have a relationship that is based on the user's id. I have experimented with a "Go to Related Record" script step and this only works if I tell the script to open the results in a new window. So what do I do with the window that the user is coming from...and more importantly, how should I write the script to get the user back to the staff database?

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Please update your profile to show what version of FileMaker and your OS and platform. Here is a quick link to help you Profile Update

Did you check the box in the Portal to go to and show only the Related Record?

You can attach a copy of your file using the "More Reply Options" so that we can see your structure better.


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