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Problem with Sort Records script step

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I have a script which

1. Finds a particular group of records

2. Sorts them via: a sub-summary field (week commencing date), then a date field (appearance date).

When I have run the script the first time after creating it or modifying it, everything works fine.

Then if it is run again, it sorts through all records — not just the found set. It still returns only the found set in correct order but the time taken to sort through 10,000 records when it only needs to sort 60 or 70 is annoying to the operator.

Why is it happening?

One more thing: it only seems to happen if the script runs with no dialog — but if I run it with dialog nothing is required of the operator except to click OK but I don't want them to have the option of changing things.

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1. What exactly is a "sub-summary field"?

2. Can you reproduce the problem in a new file?

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Sorry, not a sub summary field.

Week commencing date is a calculation field that is in a Sub-summary Part of the layout.

I'll test in a new file shortly.

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