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Solution for FM Runtime apps and iTunes/Android in-app purchases

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I am looking to create from an existing database of content, a standalone runtime app that I can submit to the iTunes store and also create other OS versions (android, etc?) that I can either give away for free (a lite version), or sell. It appears that I can create them, however, I can't really find a recent discussion topic that shows a path to a solution. It also seems I need FM 12 Advanced. I'd also like it to be an app that has an iPhone and iPad version, which it seems, FM 12 does nicely. Lastly, does anyone know if there is a solution to do in-app purchases/upgrades to expand a free app to a paid one with more features?

Any suggestions?


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Hi John, and Welcome to the Forum,

Three different products and approaches.

Standalone or Runtime applications require the Advance Edition of FileMaker Application for use on PC, and Macs, and can't be used on iPad or iPhone,

FileMaker Go uses files that you create in FileMaker for use on iPad or iPhone. No android support.

iTune applications require the developer kit from Apple and have nothing to do with FileMaker.


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