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Locking down a specific field

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I've read a couple of posts about locking down specific records, what I need to do is lock down a specific field so that it cannot be edited. I figured out HOW to do this and it works fine, using a couple of scripts.

My issue is: When I set the field up and select none of the field entry options, this allows no editing of the field. My scripts add data/information into the field without issue. The problem is once you uncheck all of the field entry options, it eliminates the vertical scroll bar so we can not see the information in the field once it fills the window on the layout.

Attached is a sample file that hopefully illustrates my situation. Two fields Note_Entry and Note_View. User types into Note_Entry then clicks in Save and the data moves from Note_Entry to Note_View.

I need to set up Note_View so that someone cannot go back and change add or delete a previous note.


Tried to attach my sample DB, but was denied:

Stripped for testing Fixed.fmp12

You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file

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You need to ZIP your file to attach it

and witht out seeing your database, what I do is create a lock field and for the field i want to lock,

under validation by calc..


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You should be using the file's security settings in order to deny users' editing privileges for a field.

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