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Picture managing.

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I am a regular user of FileMaker.

However in my job I currently need to build a database of a few thousand invoices from different firms plus additional invoices.

My situation to insure the quality of my work I need to write in File maker what is each invoice but I also need to keep a copy of the invoice as a picture.

ATM I use drag and drop.

So far everything is good.


The problem is that I want to create some safety feature that will keep 2-3 copies at all time in case the database would become corrupt.

Still no problem EXCEPT the SIZE of 2000-3000 and growing pictures of invoices.


So here is my question. I know it is possible to script the pictures so you can save them some where with the # ex:# record-NAME-A (A-B-C-D depending on the amount of pages for the invoice), however I can't find a way to automatically linking them without them staying as part of FileMaker.


So what I would like is that if I go get my record 1, Filemake go get my picture 1-name-A and post them in my template at the A spot WITHOUT leaving it there after I left this record.


Thanks you for your assistance.



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I'm not following your explanation, but a few thousand pictures is not that large if you keep the sizes in check. Use the get thumbnail step to resize them to 2000 x 2000 then keep daily backups of your filemaker solution. Then use a 3rd party backup to keep a copy of your backup ( not your live file! ) everything will then Be redundant 2 levels deep.

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ok I understand.

the problem is I will start with around 2.5 thousand and should increase by 30 a week...

What I want is to able to "LINK" the pictures from a specific folder on my computer rather then to have them in the FileMaker itself.

Sadly for the file size since they are invoices pictures, I need to be able to read them.

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This topic is 2584 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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