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HELP Alittle stumped on setting up fmpro and webstar

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O.k this may seem silly, but I need to ask.

I have a quotes dbase (fmpro of course) and I want to make it available on our web site. I have got a handle on CDML and lasso, but I have not decided on which to use. As the site will not be heavily trafficed. perhaps 100 a day at most.

My dilema is how to set up webstar and fmpro, and which fmpro to use. I have unlimited and the server version.

As I understand it if I use the unlimited only about 10 IP's can visit in a 12 hour period. now this is not enough, that's using it on it's own without webstar and just the built in web companion.

Now how does this change if I use webstar and should I use the fmpro server at all or stick with the unlimited and the lasso lite which comes with webstar???

Please note I need to run this all off one cpu. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Lastly what is the web server connector, which is referred to in the options from filemaker??

thank you in advance


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A little clarification. With FileMaker Unlimited, any number of users can access your quotes DB. It is only the regular FileMaker that restricts you to 10 users in a rolling 12 hour period.

Also, you can not serve the data directly from the FileMaker server. It would have to go through the FileMaker client or Unlimited version, whether you use Lasso or not.

What I think would be easier is to either use 'Instant Web Publishing' if you only want people to search/view the quotes. If you want extra bells & whistles, then you can always customise the pages.

If you directly serve the FMPro generated pages from within FileMaker, then you do not need anything else.

If, however, you wish to link it to WebStar, Apache or any other Web Server, then the 'web server connector' that is included in the Unlimited package has to be set up as an intrepreter between your web server software and FileMaker.

Trust this makes sense wink.gif" border="0

Rgds, Partha

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Jerry adds;

If you already have Webstar I'd suggest you stay with it as it is a very good web server, Filemaker is not. Find a copy of Filemaker client version 4 - it is already unlimited and then use cdml or ldml pages that you design. Ldml would be better because lasso is multi-threaded but if the site isn't busy cdml will work just fine.

Instant web publishing creates bloated html files that take browsers a long time to draw to the screen.


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This topic is 8322 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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