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Second file will not use first file's security

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I have separation files.  In the GUI, I re login as Manager.  When I switch to a layout which has fields from the data file, I expect it to open using same credentials but it does not.  It stays on the prior credentials.  I even force it to close using Close File and it automatically reopens which is cool.  But it stays on the prior credentials.  Must I always re log in the data file separately?


I use data viewer to tell me the account name of the file I am viewing and also Get(currentPrivilegeSet) and even tried the other privilege set but they all show the prior log in.


I am missing something very basic here.  When the data file opens it does not ask for account and password so it must know the current person in the GUI is in its list but it does not change to it.  Please help me with this basic understanding.  I have been searching for weeks on this one.  Honestly.

and I refresh data viewer also so it isn't that.

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Does the data file have an account with the same name as the account used to open the GUI? It should.


Does the data file have a login defined in File->File Options...->Open? It shouldn't.

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