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Copy and paste Container fields

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I have 6 blocks of container fields size 2.5cm by 2.5cm arranged horizontally next to each other and grouped , i am trying to copy this part of information onto a word document and all that am possibly managing is coping one image/field at a time - i would like that if i can copy this whole group of 6 fields at once.


Is there a way i haven't utilised or am i on an impossible case?



Many thanks for your will to help......

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Oh G!


I can not fight FM complex things with my level of FM development, i am already confused with many things but i find a lot of help on this site :)


I am just aiming at a simple action of coping a whole block of 6 container fields onto a word document manually but it seems not possible, i am thinking if there exists a possibility to merge container fields with a text field, i will attach my layout for the description i will jot below:


  • The icons on the right are dynamic and change(display) depending on survey results(bolean values) on a different layout, i have have created a rectangle around the icons and grouped them all together hoping i can copy this object all at once since it is now grouped.
  • The Field below the Icons(Itineray Merge) is a merge field for the fields on the left(Also dynamic depending on wether the field on left have data or not) and within this merge field i wish i could also display the icons and make it possible to copy all this information at once and paste it on a word document manually.

I am hoping there is a way simpler than the use of a plug in or anything complex.........further general query i have: Is it possible to merge container fields together with text fields??



I appreciate all your good will.


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It's always hard to help without access to the actual file, but it looks like it's a letter - text and images.


And for some reason, you want to copy (in one step) just the images.


I can guarantee you can't do it easily. You can't merge text and container fields. You could create a web viewer and maybe do it that way, but looking at the screen shot I'd still wonder why you can just output the entire layout (or a layout with just the images on it in the way that you want) to a PDF and insert that into your word file... something like that.


command-shift-4 and you can take a screen shot of the section of images and then paste ?


Hard to know without having the file in front of me 

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This topic is 2907 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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