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FM GO and connecting External Filemaker DBs

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Hello All:
I have an FM GO app. on an iPad.  I use a popover button to allow the user to change the manufacturer, modality, and model of a part ( see picture ).  The popup boxes for the new manufacturer, modality and model are displaying data from another filemaker file that I have external access to.  And as you choose a manufacturer it shows only the related modalities for that manufacturer and like wise when you choose a modality only the related models appear.  That's how it should work but for some reason I can't get the proper values to display correctly on the iPad.  When I do this on the desktop version all is well and it displays the proper drop down list but on the iPad no go so I was wondering if this might be an FM GO issue and connecting to external Filemaker databases.
What I have been getting when I select the first Manufacturer dropdown which shows the correct list BUT upon selecting a manufacturer a PASTE icon displays over the 2nd ( Modality ) dropdown box as if I had copied something ( see picture ).  If that makes sense.



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Hi Dominick,


That is strange behavior.  I don't have a good idea but perhaps some questions would help clarify things.  Is the file hosted on FM Server or by a computer running FM Pro?  Global fields are handled differently by the two.  It sounds like you're using dynamic value lists (to limit the items that appear in a popup), is that correct?  Can you reproduce the effect in a stripped down example?  Are there any scripts being triggered? 

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Yes the file is hosted by Filemaker Server.  Yes I am using dynamic value lists.  The relationship is set when user chooses a Manufacturer -- I set a global that sets the relationships bringing up a dynamic value list.  The desktop version works fine -- it's only on the FM Go version where I'm getting this weird behavior.

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This topic is 2046 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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