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Matt Malyschko

Strange Issue on FileMaker Go

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I have created a pretty simple solution that is to be deployed to a single iPad, in Kiosk mode.


I have done this before, and never had any issues, but with this file for some reason it doesn't let me save any data.


For example, I will edit a record that was in there before moving it to iPad, and when I close the record and re-open it has been reverted. Additionally, creating new records leaves a ? in each field, and when I close the file and re-open it, then none of the new records are there.


I also sometimes get an error that says that the record is being modified in another window, which is impossible as I've checked every single script and none of them make new windows.


Is this a sign that my file has been corrupted? If yes, can I just copy and paste everything (tables, layouts, scripts, etc.) to a new file?


I've attached a screen shot of the ?'s

Edit: I've tried another very basic file with just 1 table (not in kiosk mode) and when I add records, close and re-open again, the new records are not there..

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Sounds like you are experienceing the nasty bug that FileMaker Go sometimes has....


See this thread:



I left a note there with a link to a page which has a sample file with a script to detect the bug and alert the user...


Basically, the only way round it is to fully quit FileMaker Go by double-tapping the home button and swiping it up out of the open apps list, and then re-open it...

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