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Email error with Multiple attachments/missing attachments

Bailey Kessing

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This use to work regardless if all the EmailAttachFile exited or not. But now it doesn't and I don't now how to code in If thens in the code. This code works if all the EmailAttachFile have files in the containers or file locations.



    EmailCreate(  "xxxx xxx <[email protected]>" ; Employees self via Sup1 to full name::Email ; "Review for " &Employees::Full Name & " and " & Count(Files selected::File UID)+3 & " files" ) and
    EmailSetBody( $$emailbody ; "plain" ) and
    EmailAttachFile( Employees::global container ) and
    EmailAttachFile( Employees::global container 2) and
    EmailAttachFile( Employees::global container 3) and
    EmailAttachFile( Employees::global container 4) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 1 )) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 2 )) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 3 )) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 4 )) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 5 )) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 6 )) and
    EmailAttachFile( getvalue ( $$filessaved  ; 7 )) and
    EmailSend and
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Looking at this script, I would expect that whenever one (or more) of those EmailAttachFile function calls fails, the email won't send. This is due to short-circuit evaluation of all these function strung together with the 'and' operator. If you're not familiar with short-circuit evaluation, it's a method of conditional evaluation without using more common control structures like if/then or loops.


Basically, when connecting expressions with 'and' operators, as you are, if any one of them fail, then the subsequent expressions won't be evaluated at all. In your case, if any of the AttachFile functions fail, the EmailSend function will never be called. If you separate those statements into their own Set Variable script step, you can avoid the short-circuit functionality, and this script should work.

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This topic is 2836 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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