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Trouble with ToDo's

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I' Need the ability to Match Multipe ids from a repeating field to another table.

Would Making that table's matching field repeatable work?

The intent is that if I go to the calendar, where each user is listed, filter for person x, He will appear despite not being the primary ID on a show

or do I need to Add a new Join table, Add the Extra  users, and Cross Relate it where ever that "staff id" is.

such pk-id_crew, Staff ID, and match staff id to the Primary Key table where staff is called up? (for example, the Staff and project PK's)


Currently the Calendar is ignoring the other people in my table.



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I don't quite get what you mean by "filter for person X" on the calendar.  I would think a Calendar is table of dates or events. 


To answer your question, you can use a repeating field to set up a many-to-one relationship between two tables.  However, it sounds like you may be trying to build a many-to-many relationship, and in this case you will need a join table. 

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I think the biggest problem with FMSP is that there are no Relations almost anywhere between various fields, or at least, only the account fields behave the way it should it does NOt like having to deal with client/venue/Manager relationships. (where a X Client may use Y location, X location may have it's own number, and person B needs to talk to Event leader

It's done entirely almost by scripted actions which make things unbelievably complicated.


I believe it is ok for a normal inventory based business, but totally unsuitable for service based business.

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It can work fine for a services based business... especially with the upgrades in 4.3.   However... it seems that you have specific needs... so you will need to treat it like a "Starting Point" and add the items to it... that will make it fit well to your business.


- Richard

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This topic is 2797 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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