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how to use ScribeSetErrorCapture ( errorCapture )


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Set error Capture is used at the beginning of a script typically to suppress native error reporting when a script runs. To actually capture an error though you need to use get(last error) like this

Error capture on

User Abort off




Go to related record

Set variable ($_err; (get(last error)))

If ($_err)

Exit script ($_err)


More ....

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Nuos has the right idea, but his example script shows how to implement Filemaker-level error capture. For Scribe (and all of our plugins), it works similarly, but ScribeSetErrorCapture is an external function, not a script step, and therefore can only be run in a calculation. We generally recommend using a Set Variable script step and running any plugin functions inside that calculation. So, for a simple example:

Set Variable[$result; ScribeSetErrorCapture(1)]
Set Variable[$result; <Perform Scribe functions here>]
If [ $result = "ERROR" ]
Show Custom Dialog [ "Error with Scribe: " & ScribeLastError ]
End If
Set Variable[$result; ScribeSetErrorCapture(0)]

With error capture turned off, any error that occurs in our plugin functions will pop up a dialog with the error message, and the function will return "ERROR". With error capture turned on, these dialogs will not pop up by default, and errors should be handled as in the example (testing the result for "ERROR", and grabbing the error message using the ScribeLastError function)


Please let me know if you have any more questions

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This topic is 2802 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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