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how do I get form data off website into Filemaker records?

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Originally posted by Dennis Shapiro:

I want to capture some information from my visitors via a form. How can I write this data directly into Filemaker 5.0 records? I'm a newbie and not very experienced with FM.

What you want to do is create a website that links directly to your database. Filemaker has a custom language called CDML that allows you to create web pages that interact with your database. You could also use Lasso which does the same thing, only better.

Your filemaker manual should have some basic information to get you started on creating the web pages and also let you know about sharing your databases via the web and so on. Once you get that under your belt, there are a number of places you can check (like here) for more specific information. Hope this helps.

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If you just want to record data from the web, and view it offline via FileMaker, just use the 'Instant Publishing' option of FileMaker.

All you need to do is make a Filemaker file with the Fields you require, use a built-in web template to create the layout in FileMaker, turn the Web Companion on - and you're ready to go. Then you'll just need to create a link to this page from where ever you want your site visitors to be able to access the form.

Fortunately, FileMaker actually is as easy as this.

Rgds, Partha

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This topic is 8309 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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