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Possible to highlight an Object when clicking outside of a Modal Window?

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Hello there, my solution has a layout that opens on a modal window to force the user to focus on that, as it has a side menu to the left that stays open all the time, I want to know if it is possible to when I have the modal window open and the user clicks outside of the modal window, to hightlight a field or button inside the modal window itself to force the user to focus on the unfinished job he has there.

Ideas are very welcome!

Thank you!

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One thing you can try is placing an empty web viewer in the background of the modal window (filling the window and anchoring to the sides).  Move it behind all fields and controls (obviously).  Then, when you open the window, put focus into a field, which will gain the familiar "on-focus" outer-shadow highlight.  Because of the web viewer background, which "catches" background clicks and prevents automatic commits, the user will be able to move between fields (of course) but not remove focus entirely from the window by clicking either in the background or outside.  As long as the window is open, one field will always have obvious focus.  Of course, your "Close" button should then commit any edits made in the modal window.



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