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FM & Email (outlook 2010)


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FM 14 Email issue...

   great to see an update recently to resolve the Unable to send Email.

but... another seems to have resulted, uncertain at this stage where the problem might be...

It's : when open a client within FM, and try to send them an email of account,

it opens up a new email in Outlook 2010 Ok, all looking good... and if i send - it even sends! :)

buT - I have 4 seconds to do so!  if i want to edit the text for any reason.. add a few words...

on the 5 second mark after the email opening, it comes up with an alert - image attached here.

saying ;

" This Action cannot be completed because the other Program is busy. choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem"

showing buttons  [Switch to...]    &   [Retry]

neither of which remedy anything.. and I have to terminate Outlook.

No Email issues with this in earlier versions - so must be FM issue... - I'll return to V13, till this is resolved : (   




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If you have to terminate Outlook, then I suspect Outlook would be the cause rather than FM. I've run into something similar a while ago using FMv13 with Outlook 2013 (Outlook 2010 worked fine). I resolved it by using a "Open URL" command with a mailto html link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mailto


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Turned out to be: our version of Outlook is 32 bit 

Filemaker installed was 64 bit

that happened because we were thinking in terms of the Op System being 64 bit.

anyway.. uninstalled and reinstalled  FM  for 32 bit.....  so all this was - was FM and Outlook version ( 64/32) being incompatible.

!! pardon my not posting here.... I thought I had... but must'v been perhaps elsewhere :(

hope this helps you :)

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Excellent :)  pleased to have been able to help...

    just sorry that when i was initially investigating this - I visited several forums....
        and didn't get back here to post the result.
but.. all good in the end :)



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This topic is 2757 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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