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Creating a Formal Quotation to send to Vendors

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I have created a drop down menu in a Projects Layout that allows me to enter each Job Type that makes up the entire Project on a portal (1 to as many as 15 items that make up an entire project).    Each portal row is scripted to allow me to enter each Job Type's Specifications onto a related Tab Object to separate the Job Type information.   This all works real well.   However, I am trying to figure out how to display all of this information in an "easy to read" formal quotation on another layout.   In other words, I am trying to get the Job Type and Detailed Specifications fields to all appear on the formal quote that I can send out for bids.  I have reviewed many websites and Filemaker Books, but I cannot seem to get my head around this one.  I am afraid someone if going to say this is quite simple!

Any assistance on this one for scripting would be great.    

My Tables consist of:  

Jobs (JobsID)---<Specifications (JobIDf)

Jobs (SpecificationsID_Selected)>---Specifications TO (SpecificationsID) 

Jobs (JobsID) >Projects (JobsIDf)




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It seems to me that all you need to do is create a portal that contains all the necessary information just like the Estimates/ Invoices layout

If all the Specifications are related to the Jobs than one portal showing both parts should be relatively easy to create, and then you can just copy the invoices script and adjust it accordingly.


We have excellent videos in our FMPro 14 Video Training Course. The videos that would specifically help you are #1104 and possible #1115



Jonathan Hogle


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This topic is 3104 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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