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'insert from URL' not functional on mobile


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I am not sure where to put this question, but I figured it was closest to Web Viewer in nature.

I am using the 'insert from URL' script step in order to get information from yahoo stock prices.  It works just great on wifi on FM Go, but on Mobile (iPhone) it does not work any longer.  I get the error 'Connection Failed'.  

The funny thing is that if I put my iPhone on tether (personal hospot), and use my iPad or another iPhone and connect to the tethered phone via the iPhone's wifi hotspot, it works just fine.

Confusing, I know, but I hope I got the idea across.

Any ideas?

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So what you are saying is basically that FMGo does not seem to recognize your cellular connection as 'up' ?

What about using the Get ( SystemIPAddress ) function to check whether you actually have a cellular connection ? In fact it seems you do, but FMGo can't seem  to work it out... At least the result of this function will tell you if your cellular interface is recognized anyhow.

Then it might just be a matter of OS level settings on your device : have you checked in Settings > Cellular > "Use Cellular Data For:" that FMgo is authorised ?

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Thanks.  I tried your suggestions.

I get a System IP:

The error is 1631

I have use cellular enabled for Filemaker on my phone.

Any further ideas?

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It could be that the portion of yahoo.com you are trying to access has some 'responsive' processing which identifies your connectivity type and forwards you to some place where your request ends up in an error, even though i would not know whether javascript is actually capable of that - though it seems to be. In this case, you either need to point to a URL which you know is safe within yahoo.

Otherwise, it seems that what you are trying to achieve - stock price update - is generally done through API's or registered xml feeds that can even be paid for as financial information for free comes most of the time with significant limitations. I remember investigating similar matters on foreign currency exchange and coming to the conclusion that if I wanted to build anything robust, I would have to cough up for an API subscription on oanda.com back then.

Hopethis helps and provides some kind of direction.

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This topic is 3100 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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